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Might /mvlt/
Great and impressive power or strength, specially of a nation, large organisation or natural force. synonyms. strength, force, power
We believe that talent is a magic power within each and everyone of us, ready to be unleashed
* If you don’t believe in the magic of people we better not work together
We Created a Talent Recognition System - MighTworld™
"Amazed with the situation"
"The Mouth"
"Making something together"
We Empower Transformation by
Facilitating Organisational Collaboration

Envisioners “live in the future”, they love to turn problems into ideas and are ideal to lead the ideation phases of collaborative work.


Enablers love to plan and enjoy using logic and design the path and plan to the future, they are ideal to lead the structuring phases of collaborative work.


Energizers have great charisma, they can inspire people to follow and do the journey, turning it into an aventure and a legacy, they are ideal to lead the inspiring phases of collaborative work.

We Build Synergic Teams based on
Diversity of Talents and Complementarity of Roles
We Develop Ambidextrous Organizations that are able to conciliate Execution with Collaboration
We Help Companies
Transform Potential into Performance
Talent Management

Talent Crowdsourcing;
Visualising Team Potential;
Developing Internal Teams and Networks;
Identifying Informal Leaders Within Organisations;
Building Succession Pipelines, based on “Data”.


Increasing Knowledge and Engagement;
Developing Collaboration Protocols;
Accelerating Cultural Change;
Developing Corporate Innovation;
Promoting Intrapreneurship.

Start the Revolution!

“They Ignited a Cultural Revolution”

José Dias Pinheiro

CEO, GroupM

“They work as Transformation Enzymes”

Xavier Rodriguez Martin

CEO, Oni

“Having the opportunity to use the Might to think of the future was the enabler to create a joint vision and to increase the engagement of our team!”

Pedro Alvarez

Sales Director, Grocery Channel, Mars Portugal

"MighT helped us work as a team and plan our projects, in a relaxed but productive way"

HR Department

Fidelidade Seguros

"MighT is not just a Possibility. They are a Power by which one can (re)discover talents and improve your organization. They are disruptive in the best way"

Tiago Pinto

EDP Corporate University

Realize your potential

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1050-229 Lisboa
+351 967 568 855